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Supplier diversity is a proactive business practice that incorporates the use of small and diverse businesses in procurement decisions. One of the core purchasing values throughout the state of Florida and the University of Florida is to purchase goods and services from diverse suppliers. Pursuant to the policies of the University of Florida, departments and academic units are encouraged to do business with diverse businesses in the acquisition of products and services required by the university. SBSD is responsible for managing this effort through UF’s Supplier Diversity program and collaborates with procurement buyers to engage with diverse suppliers whenever Requests for Information, Requests for Proposals or Invitations for Bids are released.

SBSD provides the following services to the University of Florida campus and user departments:

  • Assist in efforts to increase utilization of diverse businesses
  • Supplier registration assistance
  • Sourcing assistance
  • Ensure understanding of ethical business standards when using diverse suppliers
  • Ensure full legal compliance when using diverse suppliers

Opportunities to find viable diverse suppliers: