Putting Our Best Foot Forward as We Dress for Success!

We often hear, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Yet, often times our cover communicates a certain message about who we are to a potential employer or stakeholder. Question: How many times have we walked in the office and thought disapproval of the young man’s untucked, wrinkled shirt? Or the number of times we raise our brows at a colleague’s skirt that is a tad bit too short? Is this being judgmental or simply expecting a level of professionalism?

No matter how much society shifts to focus on your capabilities, rather than your appearance, there will always be a level of expectation with your attire. This unspoken belief presumes that the way someone cares for their appearance, is a key indicator of the quality of work they can provide, amongst other things. Though this belief is sometimes refuted, it still goes unspoken.

In certain situations, being a woman can be perceived as a disadvantage, yet our presentation can either leverage our skillset or sabotage any possible opportunity. Yes, as a woman, we often dress how we feel, but as we take charge of our road to destiny, we must not forget our daily encounters. These subtle moments many times are our unexpected interviews. This isn’t to say that we must wear our power suits when running to the store to get some eggs. However, this is to advise that not every opportunity will be presented in a formal setting, so be ready!

Overall, dressing for success, empowers us to take business and our life to the next level. Whether you are looking to gain that promotion, or lock in that new deal, put on the attire that if no words were spoken, your constituents know you mean business.  So put on those slacks with confidence. With every button you fasten, speak what great things you will accomplish this day. And top it off with your favorite lip shade because being a woman is an amazing thing!

Before we leave home to conquer our tasks ahead, we must always remember to start with putting our best foot forward as we dress for success!

Published: November 19th, 2018

Category: Front Page News and Events