Landscape Services Application

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Please describe
Please describe
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    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 44 MB.

      Within the last 12 months, has your firm done minimal work or never has done business directly with the University of Florida?(Required)
      Is your business located within any of these counties: Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Gilchrist, Levy, Marion, Putnam or Union Counties?(Required)
      Does your business have no more than 15 permanent employees, and no more than $1 million net worth?(Required)
      Does the owner or the firm have at least 2 years of commercial experience or have completed at least 6 projects/jobs in commercial work?(Required)

      If accepted in the program, do you agree to meet the below expectations?(Required)
      • Your employees are in uniforms while working on campus.
        • Shirt w/ logo (Hi-Vis or Hi-Vis vest is required)
        • Suitable pants or shorts for the task (No cut-off shorts)
      • Your company owns necessary equipment to perform work
        • Marked company vehicles
        • Commercial grade equipment (Good repair & safe operating condition)
      • Your company has the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
        • Safety glasses (must meet ANSI STANDARD Z87.1)
        • Proper and effective hearing protection is recommended
        • Suitable gloves (rose and juniper)
      • Your company will maintain clean work area
        • Job sites will be policed for tools, equipment and materials and secured at the end of each work shift
        • Laydown yards will be maintained inside and out (regular mowing, string trimming and trash patrol)
      • Your company will maintain communication with program administrators
        • Must have and closely monitor company phone/email
        • Open & consistent communication with UF Grounds regarding projects & scheduled maintenance
        • Must be able to capture and send digital photographs and videos electronically from the field
      • Your company will ensure there is adequate staffing for work
        • Must anticipate needs and provide appropriate size staff to meet needs sufficiently to execute task in a timely manner

      If accepted into the University of Florida’s Emerging Small Business Program I understand that:

      • My attendance is mandatory at all workshops to understand how to navigate UF’s processes for doing work
      • Maintain consistent communication with the program administrators about my firm’s participation.
      • Commit to the program for 24 months (two – 1 year terms) as mutually agreed upon with the program administrators.
      • A supplier application must be completed and a copy of general liability, auto insurance and worker’s compensation is required