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Take Action, Try Not To Overthink It !

Congratulations! You’ve made a large step in thinking about or already establishing your business endeavour. If you now own a business, you completed the most difficult task for most, action. If you’re still on the fence the best advice is to take action. New Is Scary It’s more common than you think to be terrified […]

Correct Your Posture Before It Tells You

The month of May is Correct Posture Month. According to the American Posture Institution, startups, entrepreneurs, and business leaders lose an average of 6 hours in productivity per week. The typical loss of activity is attributed to headaches, back pain, and decreased focus. On any given workday, there are a number of factors that play […]

Small Business Trends To Use In Your Company

Leveraging technology is on the uptick for most small companies and entrepreneurs. The definition and level of technology is different for each organization. Bottomline, regardless of what technology is used, entrepreneurs need to stay on their toes and updates with changes that may affect their business. After working with many small businesses and entrepreneurs, we […]

Division at UF seeks to promote women-owned businesses

The University of Florida has a robust program to engage small, minority and women-owned businesses. The Division of Small Business and Vendor Diversity Relations (SBVDR), led by Director Kathey Porter, is charged with identifying small, minority and women-owned businesses to do business with UF and implement programs to increase their long-term viability and success. A […]

Tips To Effectively Delegate To Your Team Members

Delegation, what does it mean to you as a business owner or processional? Do you feel like you are an expert or can you always improve how you delegate to your team members? The synonyms for delegation are entrusting, giving, and transference. There is both an art and science to proper delegation. Of course, not […]

Tips for Business Success: Women’s History Month Edition

As we come toward the end of Women’s History month, we are taking the opportunity to share a few tips to help small businesses and women entrepreneurs as they navigate their way to success. Owning a small business carries it’s perks but running one successfully has its challenges too. Here are a few tips you […]

Women Trailblazers !

“A Timeline Of Women And Wealth: The First Female Millionaires, Billionaires & CEOs And The Policies That Paved The Way For Them”   If you had to write a resume for Isabel Benham (1909-2013), it would contain some notable “firsts.” In the 1930s, she was the the first woman on Wall Street to study the […]

In Commemoration of Women’s History Month

Women Entrepreneurs Making An Impact: Just Look At The Numbers! Every day a net average of over 1,000 US business are started by women. In the last decade, the number and economic strides of women-owned firms continues to steadily rise at rates rivaling the national average. As of 2016, there were approximately 11.3 million women-owned […]

A Glimpse into Gainesville’s Black History

Gainesville in general is rooted deep in rich history. As we reach the end of Black History month, its fitting to discuss the important part black entrepreneurs, artists, establishments and business owners played in enhancing the flavor of Gainesville culture. Locals established well known hotels, clubs, schools, publications and stores for the community. These businesses […]

In Commemoration of Black History Month

What we can learn from early Black entrepreneurs To kick off Black History Month, I asked, what have black entrepreneurs of the past taught us? Diversity in the United States and abroad has contributed to significant advancements in regard to the pride of black business ownership and innovation. Black Entrepreneurs of the past and present […]

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